Jun 7, 2024

TIKI2 Announces Expanded Services to Empower Businesses and Brands

Austin, TX – June 7, 2024 – TIKI2, a leading Austin-based web design consultancy, today announced the expansion of its services and team to better meet the evolving needs of businesses in today’s digital landscape. This strategic move strengthens TIKI2’s ability to empower clients to achieve success through customer-centric transformation and accelerated growth.

Following a comprehensive review of the web design industry earlier this year, TIKI2 has assembled a broader team with expertise in design, creative business strategy, and digital innovation. This expansion allows TIKI2 to significantly increase its service offerings and reach across North America.

The enhanced TIKI2 team offers clients a full spectrum of expertise, including data analysis, customer journey mapping, brand engagement strategies, and omnichannel experience design. TIKI2 leverages this combination of creativity, strategy, design, and data-driven insights to help businesses reinvent themselves, drive growth, and orchestrate customer-centric transformation.

“TIKI2 is now a vibrant community of builders, strategists, and innovators passionate about crafting transformative human experiences that captivate audiences and drive market success,” said Christopher Novosad, CEO of TIKI2. “This expansion fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation, enabling us to deliver comprehensive solutions at scale and propel our clients’ business transformation journeys.”

Novosad further emphasized, “The expanded services directly address the evolving needs of startup Chief Marketing and Experience Officers. We’ve significantly bolstered our technical expertise, making TIKI2 the ideal partner for customer-centric transformation initiatives. Clients gain access to a wider range of technical design solutions and benefit from our strengthened presence across the US.”

By expanding its capabilities, TIKI2 empowers clients to realize their business transformation ambitions with innovative solutions that drive success in today’s competitive landscape.

About TIKI2

TIKI2 is an award-winning web design firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. With a 25-year history of crafting impactful websites and delivering strong marketing execution, TIKI2 helps clients achieve measurable results in brand awareness, lead generation, and overall marketing performance.

For more information on TIKI2, please visit www.TIKI2.com.